Some of the activities provided by our multiservice centre

Remote Telephone Exchange

Telesurvey is an outsourcing company who can manage remotely the client company’s telephone exchange. This innovative solution helps slenderize organisation and staff management issues. Telesurvey is also active on public holidays and thus delivers a more comprehensive service at no extra costs.

Ad Hoc Solutions

Our Innovation, Digital, and Market Research divisions cater to companies’ needs by offering custom-made solutions as back up for other activities such as online booking and e-commerce platforms. We make the most of quantitative and qualitative methods in order to deliver against the best customer experience possible.

Chat and Social Media Survey

Telesurvey employs qualified operators for the monitoring of social media pages, blogs, or business chatrooms. Furthermore, we can offer timely assistance to the users of business web platforms thanks to unique services such as “call me back” and “call me now”. This service is available during daytime but can run 24 hours a day.

Event Organisation Office

Telesurvey manages the organisation of events and competitive exams taking advantage of new methods. This service encompasses all organisation steps (i.e., invites, recall, reception, follow up, notice to the winners) and can also include, depending upon the kind of event or exam, phone calls, e-mails, sms, using either the company’s resources or those provided by the main market players.

Backoffice and Data Entry

Telesurvey has gained a long-standing experience in back-office activities whose management can be carried out either at its headquarters or at the client’s office with the support of Telesurvey staff.

Customer Satisfaction

Telesurvey helps companies in measuring, monitoring, and increasing customer satisfaction thanks to tools and activities focused on checking and reviewing all the various stages: before, during and after sale.

Lead Generation

Telesurvey’s phone calls volume totals over 5 millions yearly; one of its most distinguished features is the number of business appointments for the sales department. When the main objective is rapidly multiplying new business opportunities, lead generation activity is the best option for development.

Customer Service 365/24/7

Customer Care is the best tool to foster customers’ loyalty towards products or services provided by the company. As an outsourcing company, Telesurvey manages toll-free and toll numbers 24/7.