In business since 1987, Telesurvey Italia helps and supports its clients in their relationship with customers and prospects. Over the years, Telesurvey has expanded its activities as a Multiservice Call Centre working in partnership with national and international companies.

Telesurvey’s vision is based on three fundamental cornerstones: process quality, client satisfaction, and customer loyalty.


Telesurvey Italia is a leader company whose main objective is the development, management, monitoring, and improvement of custom and interactive services in the field of marketing and multiservice communication. It is our priority to help our clients to obtain greater value and success. Based on divisions and specialised support areas, TeleSurvey provides services and tools designed to best fulfil the client’s needs.

Corporate Philosophy

Telesurvey Italia is a company where the human resources are committed to meeting other companies’ needs and requirements. A code of ethics states the company’s good practices and formalises its values and practice standards. Its main goal is the assurance of honesty, integrity, fairness, and good faith across all the activities performed on behalf of its clients.

Company’s Divisions

Telesurvey Italia is a multiservice call centre offering its clients intelligence actions in order to benefit from an advanced business marketing.

The Innovation division promotes projects, ideas, and process integration using a multiservice technological approach in either a proactive or reactive fashion.

digitalThe Digital division identifies methodologies and initiates strategies apt to increase brand exposure, to enjoy a more focused communication, or to identify new digital development areas.

The Market Research division supports clients by empowering them with fresh market insights, developing new ideas and boosting current activities.

Service and communication quality is the main focus of the Quality division, whose team monitors all service and communication quality standards. This division steps in to maintain standards thanks to sample analysis of the activities and training in order to deal with potential criticality.