Multiservice Client Management

We supply multiservice information activities on demand (toll-free numbers, remote telephone exchange, chat, WhatsApp, Social Customer Care) or featuring the push technology (service information through social media and Broadcast messaging).



• Business toll-free number 24/7
• Intelligence service
• Complaint and order management service featuring multilingual operators in order to meet the needs of European and non-European markets
• Telephone assistance
• Multiservice customer care
• Technical help desk supporting end clients or assistance networks
• Prevention and retention services


• Trouble Ticketing tracking platforms
• Competition platforms
• Online booking
• CRM web-based integrations
• E-mail categorisation
• Online chat
• Business webpages on social networks monitoring (direct answers to requests for information)
• Information messages in business social pages (service information posts included)
• Logged and profile-enabled pages

Smartphones and Tablets

• Competition apps
• Configuration and profile-enabled client areas apps
• Booking apps (restaurants, museums, courses, doctor’s offices)
• Customer service and support on WhatsApp app


• Reception
• Info point
• Central Booking Unit