Business Activity Support

We support companies taking their first steps in business development and maximisation of business activities targeting prospects. We design custom-made solutions using tools and activities targeting the company’s single divisions. We design Lead generation campaigns.



• Direct Marketing targeting prospects and inactive clients
• Outbound Campaigns: appointment management, schedule planner management
• Client Analysis and Profiling
• E-commerce Client Assistance (cart recovery if necessary)
• E-commerce Website Assistance (Click to call and Call me now)
• Telemarketing: appointment management, client record management
• Teleselling: product selling or retargeting
• Telephone Follow-Up: client recalling for cross-selling or inactive client reactivation

Smartphone and Tablet

• CRM mobile apps and mobile sales management
• Broadcast messages via Whatsapp, SMS with marketing push
• Native apps and web-based for the publishing industry, competitions, and e-commerce
• Trouble Ticket Tracking
• SMS Push Service: commercial offer


• E-CRM and Loyalty programs
• Client Analysis and Profiling
• Marketing Push on Social Networks
• User Experience Enhancement
• Web Chat and Digital Assistance channels
• E-Commerce Retargeting
• Web Marketing (SEO/SEM/ADV on social)
• Performance Mail
• DEM or ADV with Online Lead Gathering